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Bel Café

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Bel Cafe

Wow, were we ever impressed with Bel Café. We were so glad we got there seconds before the regular lunch crowd and were able to get a cozy table for two. Soon the café was packed with downtown business-types which certainly added to the general hustle and bustle of the place. We had delicious sandwiches and gorgeous drinks. I had a cappuccino and my daughter had some kind of wonderful chocolate latte.

Bel café is just across from the Vancouver Art Gallery inside the corner of the Georgia hotel. You can sit outside and become part of the busiest corner of downtown Vancouver, or you can nip inside and enjoy the beautiful modern decor. Either way you wouldn’t be disappointed in your coffee or your food. And I believe I saw coffee from the 49th Parallel Roasters being sold here.

Located at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Corner of Howe and West Georgia.
801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

Check out Bel’s menu here
T: 604.673.7000

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