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Posted on Apr 13, 2015


The Continental won the Georgia Straight’s  16th Annual Golden Plates award for best independent coffee shop on the Drive in Vancouver. That was 2013 and frankly this weekend on April 12, 2015, I was not seeing it. Sure the Continental was busy, tables were full, and lineup at the counter. I lined up at the counter, three or four customers deep, got up to the barista, ordered my coffee, got my pastry. Sat down with a group of friends at one of the long tables which had a hand-written note on it reserving the table for 4pm. Strange. Anyhow got the pastry and the food and was looking forward to catching up with friends and enjoying the treats.


Well some days it can be all about the pastry and today it was because the cappuccino and lattes wee lazily done. I knew I had to have a fresh yummy pastry to make up for the so,so coffee. Well disappointment on both fronts. The scone/muffin thingy was hard. I kid you not. Hard. And the fruit pastry was ok but no one offered to heat it up for me. And it had that sugar lacquer on it that just screams not fresh. I can’t image how a coffee shop like this one can survive on Commercial Drive, a street in Vancouver  famous for wonderful Italian coffee shops and bakeries. It was a shame we didn’t go to Calabria across the street and  have a  panini with our coffee or even to Starbucks on the corner and have some tasty treat there. Seriously, what a let-down Continental was. I saw nothing worthy here of being best of anything award. Well 2013 was a long time ago.

Maybe their Main Street coffee shop is better equipped.

Continental Coffee
1806 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Continental Coffee
4295 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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