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Posted on Nov 10, 2014

Heirloom Vegetarian

Ok we are cheating here because this isn’t technically a “coffee shop” and there were no scones on the menu. Even though Heirloom Vegetarian does sell coffee, it is really a delicious vegetarian restaurant just off of south Granville on 12th Avenue. Their coffee is 49th Parallel coffee to be precise which seems to be sold in a lot of Vancouver restaurants, and I also found it at Bel Cafe. But serving coffee for the sake of coffee is not Heirloom’s thing; vegetables are and boy do they get that right.

We were there around 12:30 on a Sunday and had the Beet Back-bacon Benny and the tomato-avocado sandwich. I had a decent cappuccino and my partner a chai tea latte. The delivery on the coffee was ok, not to special. What really made the outing worthwhile was the food. We bragged about our brunch when we returned home and gushed over the beet bacon, never having tasted anything like those crunchy crispy things. Oh and the roasted potatoes that accompanied the Benny where crunchy on the outside and so so soft on the inside. I wanted to learn how to make both of them right away. Sorry no pics. Didn’t remember until after we had eaten every last bite. We made a promise to return and sample the yummy food and wonderful atmosphere all again. Maybe next time for dinner!


V6J 2E2
T: 604-733-2231

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