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I drink a lot of coffee in Vancouver, Canada, and I like to go to coffee shops and meet my friends and drink coffee with them and chat about whatever. For a long time I went every day with my toddler in tow. We went just after we dropped her brother off at school. I would drink my coffee; she, her apple juice and we would share a treat and stare out the foggy windows at the rain. Usually it was raining; that’s how I remember it. Down pour rain. Pounding off the payment rain. We had found our refuge.

When she started school, I missed her and the barista missed her. Soon I found others in the same situation as me: mothers without toddlers. So we bonded together and while we drank our coffee we offered each other stories of support. Our stories changed from how to raise children to teenagers to how to best look after aging parents (ourselves included). As our children and our stories grew so did our desire for good lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate with good fresh scones and other treats.  Now my toddler is a teenager and she likes to go to coffee shops for chai lattes and other wonderful drinks. So together we decided to create this blog about lattes and scones and all the other yummy stuff you find in coffee shops in Vancouver, whether it is raining or not.

We are not coffee experts by any means. We are just on a voyage of exploration.  I hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy finding all of Vancouver’s coffee shops.

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