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JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

JJ Bean Coffee Roaster

Hmmm. I am a little bit behind the times here. Had a punishing workload along with a steep learning curve that had me snowed under. Now that I’ve shaken all that off I can get back to the serious business of drinking coffee in some excellent Vancouver coffee shops.

While I was doing other stuff for other people a whole bunch of good folk got together an built a new JJ Bean Coffee Roasters on the corner of Cambie and 18th. Lucky for me I now have some time to hang out at this lovely coffee shop. I believe its first year anniversary is coming soon or maybe its second year. What, time is way zippy.

Nevermind, the bright interior and friendly staff plus the excellent coffee will have you happily while away the time in conversation with a friend or co-worker, or new business partner, edit your memoirs or edit the next best-seller. Whatever happens to be your excuse for being there you will not be disappointed with the staff, the coffee or the food. Well, just a small request for the folks at JJ Bean: please bring back the raspberry tart. I miss it!

I should mention that JJ Bean, although did get its start on the rain-soaked street of Vancouver, does have coffee shops in Toronto, North Vancouver and Port Moody. There are 15 JJ Bean coffee shops in Vancouver. Check out their locations here.

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