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Joe’s Cafe and Bar

Posted on Nov 1, 2014

Joe's Cafe

Way back when there wasn’t this great swath of coffee shops across Vancouver and the lower mainland. Not how I remember it. There was just Commercial Drive. If you wanted to get coffee that didn’t taste like something sold at a diner or pancake house, something that didn’t taste slightly like dishwater, you went to Commercial Drive and you went to Joe’s Cafe. I worked on a feminist newspaper on the opposite corner to Joe’s, Kinesis, I believe it was called. Well, guess what, Joe’s is still there and as my friend commented, still serves the best lattes in town.

Time has not touched Joe’s cafe: all is the same as it was and will forever be. The pool tables are at the back. Sport posters cover the walls, and the chairs and tables have been kicked around. Grunge is the decor style here. The man at the bar doesn’t wear a toque or tattoos or a smile, but he is welcoming and makes his drinks with attention to detail. Don’t expect any home-baked goods. This place has a no-nonsense atmosphere. Where you might find yourself talking politics or passionately discussing the Whitecaps‘ handball call that cost them the Dallas game.

Joe’s Cafe and Bar
1150 Commercial Dr
(604) 255-1046

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