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Revolver Brew Bar

Posted on Dec 2, 2014

Revolver Brew Bar
Revolver Brew Bar on the edge of Gastown is the real McCoy. They’ve even got themselves in a real cowboy building, built in 1890, “Danny’s Inn” on Cambie Street whose tenants once included the Bank of North America. When you walk in, passed the cast iron pillars and rails, up the stairs from the street, the door’s bell jingles a welcome.  Up at the bar, sure enough, you are asked to pick your favourite espresso from a selection which revolves over time. Since I was ignorant of the precise coffees they had, I let the fine barista choose for me. Not long after, we drank down the best darn latte and cappuccino we ever drunk. Truth be told, I coulda got a tasting flight but I can have that adventure on the next visit.

There were no scones the day we were there, but Revolver’s blueberry and oatmeal muffin and chocolate croissant we ate did the trick. And after a good shot of caffeine and sugar, I was ready to speak my mind. I recommend it to all, just before you go to the meeting, the interview, the conference, the lecture hall hit this spot. It will fuel you up for whatever is a-coming your way. Even if you are going out on the trail, you can think of Revolver Brew Bar as a supply store as well, ’cause they sell beans from around the world.

SAT: 9 – 6
SUN: Closed
325 Cambie St.
604 558 4444

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