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Posted on Jan 10, 2015

Ah Trafiq, what is in a name? By any other name your baked goods would taste as sweet and your coffee as perfect. In my search for the meaning of this cafe’s name, Trafiq, I found a font named trafiq and a club in Budapest. It is not as one may initially think, the French word for traffic is simply trafic. However the cafe is intended to evoke a French je ne sais que charm with its brasserie rattan chairs, and lovely cakes and breads. One such lovely sweet bread was called chunky monkey (not  a very French name) but I believe I found the recipe on the blog site called Cooking by Laptop. I think mine was missing something the day I had it, whipped cream or cinnamon or something.

My coffee companion had the buttermilk scone which was unlike any I have had recently. It had a je ne sais que air about it; light and airy like the cappuccino I was served.

You will find Trafiq right beside The Main on Main Street just passed East 26th Street on the East side.

4216 Main St. Vancouver
Sun to Thur 9am – 6pm
Fri & Sat 8am – 6pm

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